Nature's Gym Tour

I got to spend some time with Christian Litke last week, a new friend of mine I met last year when I did my scene for Shameless. Christian has been traveling the country with his wife Gina for Merrell and REI in this awesome van filled with some fitness equipment. They stop off in various places and set up different physical challenges for people to take.

I got to try out the Merrell Barefoot Run Bare Access 2, one of Merrell's newer shoes in their Barefoot Run line. The shoe was incredibly comfortable as soon as I slipped it on, without having to wear it in at all. It's pretty flexible and has a Vibram brand sole. The grip was pretty good on everything I walked on, ran on, or jumped to... including the van!

Check out the photos they posted to instagram while were were out:

If you're looking for some new minimalist shoes to try out, definitely try these. I also got to try a pair of the Barefoot Run Vapor Glove. They're also super comfortable and are closer to the feel of a very small shoe, like a Feiyue, except the sole seemed like it could be more durable with the Vibram rubber.