We view movement as a journey of self-improvement; teaching you how to improve and maintain your body, and encouraging you to develop your mind and spirit along with it.


Our MissionS

For You

Our mission is to teach you how to use movement to develop strengths that you can use to overcome obstacles and face challenges to accomplish what you want to achieve in life.

For Society

Our mission is to bring people together through movement, to instill compassion, understanding, and resilience, and to normalize movement and play outside of current designated spaces.

For The Planet

Our mission is to connect people to their environment in hopes that it will create an appreciation for the planet and a desire to do what is possible to protect it.


  • Respect for Your Self and Others

  • Compassion for All Humans and Living Things

  • Doing What is Possible to Protect the Planet

  • Confronting the Unknown for Personal Growth

  • Standing Up to Take Action

  • Normalization of Adult Movement & Play