Student Spotlight: Alex Schrepferman

This month our student spotlight is focused on Alex Schrepferman!

Q. How long have you been training in Parkour?
A. I do not know exactly how long I have been training Parkour but it was around the time Parkour Ways opened.
(This was over 3 years ago! Alex was actually at the gym on Kingsbury Street the very first day we had an event for the public to launch our classes there on February 18th, 2012.)

Q. How did you first learn about it?
A. I had learned about it from watching videos online.

Q. What made you decide to give it a try?
A. I like to challenge myself and Parkour definitely looked challenging.

Q. How did you feel physically after taking the first class or two?
A. I was exhausted, I was the only student in the class and there was a lot more conditioning (or so it seemed) then there is in the classes now.

Q. How did you feel during the class?
A. The class was really intense and really hard.

Q. How do you feel now physically after a class?
A. I am always sore after a class which I think is satisfying.

Q. How do you feel during a class?
A. I am always challenged and I am never bored during a class. There is always something to improve on.

Q. Do you find that you have more confidence?
A. Before I started training I was very quiet and I would over think things a lot but since I've started training I've come out of my shell and now I tend to go with the flow of things a bit more.

Q. Do you see physical objects in your environment differently than how you used to?
A. I am always looking at objects in a different way. I even get creative getting from one side of my house to the other.

Q. Has your ability to concentrate increased or decreased?
A. I have found that my ability to concentrate has increased. When I set out to accomplish a task I am able to focus on that task until it gets done.

Q. Are you better able to manage risk outside of Parkour?
A. Yes, since I have started I have been able to create a better idea of where my limit is and how to challenge myself safely.

Q. Are you better able to manage fear outside of Parkour?
A. I do find that I am better able to manage fear. Parkour has helped me to challenge myself and whenever I am faced with a scary situation I take a second to think that overcoming the fear can be rewarding

Q. Has it made you better in other sports or physical activities?
A. Yes, Parkour has helped me improve in basketball. Running in Parkour has improved my breathing and the amount of leg strengthening has also helped with jumping and running.

Q. Do your family and relatives know you train Parkour?
A. Yes, they have known that I trained Parkour ever since I began.

Q. What do they say or think about it?
A. They support me training Parkour, I have been training for a while so it has become a normal part of our conversations whenever we are together.

Q. Do you think they have an accurate idea of what it really is?
A. Yes, now they do have an accurate idea of what Parkour is. When I first started they thought it was a reckless sport where athletes jump off buildings without judgement or training but I have since explained to them that that is not the case.

Q. You have a Parkour class with Kurt at your school (Chicago Waldorf School). What's it like having a Parkour class in your school day?
A. I really enjoy having a Parkour class during my school day. I always feel like I have achieved something and it is a nice way to get my mind off of school work for an hour.

Q. How dedicated do you think you will continue to be in future years?
A. I see myself continuing to to train for quite a while.

Q. Would you encourage others to give it a try?
A. Yes, I would definitely encourage others to try.