Traceuse Project: FREE Girls Jams

We had our very first Girls Jam today as part of our new "Traceuse Project". Our aim is to get more women into Parkour and ADD training in Chicago and to help the public become more aware that Parkour is NOT just for elite-level athletes or careless young men with a deathwish (in fact, those of us "in the know" would say Parkour is very much NOT for the latter type!). It was a great feeling to see a decent turnout of women at our first event today with a total of 11 participants.

Part of our effort with this project is to also allow our male instructors to better understand the gender-specific challenges that women have in our disciplines. We have recently had an uproar of female registrations and class signups, and I've been so excited that we are breaking that "it's for guys" barrier that I wanted to fuel the fire and REALLY push the message. Women can be just as strong as men and actually have some advantages in our type of training such as superior balance and a seemingly much-lesser desire to show off and get injured...

We hope this project continues with as much success as we saw today at our first event! Please share the news of these monthly get-togethers with friends, family, co-workers, classmates, and all others so that we can continue to break through our message and build this community!