No Classes Until 9/14

This September there will be a break in the schedule of classes. I will be taking a long trip by land to Québec, Houston, and ultimately to Mexico. I'm taking this trip with John Conway, we'll be teaching classes while in Québec. We'll be traveling mostly by bus and foot to get around; we've both agreed not to travel by air, to make the trip more interesting (and cheaper).

This trip is part of a new set of goals after collecting some thoughts about our lives and what we want to accomplish. Parkour Ways will be undergoing some very big changes, including a name change in the near(ish) future. Everything will transition with transparency, reasons for the changes and our new goals will all be shared with those who are interested to know. This blog will likely be the medium by which that information will be shared.

Immediate changes will include the offering of some lengthened classes. Prices will remain the same. The 24 hour rule for class registrations has been cut down to 2 hours (you can now sign up for a class up to two hours before it starts). Above is a preview of the new logo we'll be transitioning to.

Gerardo, our new up and coming instructor, will be taking the ADAPT Level 1 parkour instructor certification this week and will be assisting at the annual Wisconsin Parkour/Parkour Generations/Parkour Generations Americas Jubilee this weekend.

I'll be back this Saturday to run a race checkpoint at the 2013 CityChase USA event, but will immediately return to Wisconsin to finish up the event with Gerardo and bring him back home to Chicago. Last year's CityChase USA event was amazing and I look forward to putting more of this year's competitors through quite a bit of struggle together!

I hope that you all continue to train throughout the month when you can. We will be with you all in spirit during our adventures and as we seek to discover more about ourselves and what we will do with our lives. This is not the end, but rather the beginning of something much larger!