Beauty in Life and Parkour

Parents, singles, and children alike... everyone... should all watch the video below. A big part of the reason I really enjoy teaching kids is to help them build confidence and strength to endure the types of things in life that this video speaks of. Not everyone makes it through the tough times - but we can sure try to help them make it. Not everyone will have troubles like these, not everyone will be bullied, not everyone will come to a point in life where they're so overwhelmed that they're unsure whether they could continue or not. But there are many who will, and they will need our help. Past or present.

Learning to overcome obstacles with parkour, pushing yourself to your limits or what you think is your breaking point and then to KEEP GOING - to endure, to persevere, to struggle but not lose hope. To fight for something worth fighting for - getting over those obstacles and making it out ALIVE and STRONGER and finding the BEAUTY in the pits and depths life sometimes tosses us into.

Fight for your life - fight for the things you need and the things that are important to you and disregard those who tell you that you "can't" have it or that it just "won't work". Disregard those who tell you that it's "too hard" or "unlikely". Disregard those who tell you that it can be done but that YOU are not the one who can do it. FIGHT for the life you feel you need... because you DESERVE it.