Breaking Jumps

As a quick definition, "breaking a jump" simply means doing a new jump whether it's a precision, a cat leap, a crane, etc.

"For me, and for many others, this process of breaking the jump, this moment of truth when you lean into your fear and put your body and mind to the test, is the essence of the discipline – the very heart of parkour."

This quote is from the newest article posted by Dan Edwardes, director and founding member of Parkour Generations and co-founder of Parkour UK. Here's a link to his article on the topic of breaking jumps:

Since we're on the topic - check out this new parkour-related podcast/radio show from London created by Brian Appiah Obeng of Parkour Generations as well:

And an older blog post from myself; a quick touch on the topic as well and my own thought process while breaking jumps (back then, at least):

Before I was writing on the Parkour Ways blog I had a few entries on my own blog that are still relevant. The link above was obviously one of them, the rest can be found here:

You can likely expect something to do with breaking jumps this weekend in the classes!