Parkour Ways Welcomes Ekaterina Kartashova!

Ekaterina Kartashova is a female practitioner of parkour originally from Russia. She made her move to the United States 10 years ago and started training parkour about two years ago. She decided to start training parkour because she was afraid of it and thought it would be a great challenge for her to take on. When she learned about some of the philosophy that parkour entails, she realized that this is what she has believed in her whole life. She saw the opportunity to learn many things from training this splendid discipline.

Having had no sports background, it was very difficult for Ekaterina to get started with her training. Her fears kept her grounded, and one by one they formed into hopes of new little victories for her. She trains in order to live the way that she has always felt is right for her:

"I want to live my life with the knowledge that anything is possible, that any obstacle can be overcome. That there is never such a thing as 'I can't'. There is always a way when it's something you truly want."

"I want to give peolpe joy. I love seeing people happy and enjoying their movement through life so if something I know can bring a smile to their face... well, that's why I love to share parkour with people."

Some years ago - before she started training parkour, Ekaterina found out that she had a pinched nerve in her spine. This condition kept her from any running, jumping, or any other similar physical activities. "I would walk and collapse randomly in the street because my legs would just stop carrying me", she said. "But parkour makes it better. The common exercises we do on a daily basis have made it possible for me to not only run, but train consistently in this discipline which is in my mind one of the most difficult and serious disciplines out there."

Since starting her journey of parkour, Ekaterina has trained with world-class parkour instructors from Parkour Generations (UK) on several occasions and even with the Yamakasi (the founders of parkour)!

Ekaterina will be joining us for a special $5.00 open gym on this coming Saturday, August 4th. Don't pass up this opportunity to train with an experienced female practitioner and a wonderful person! You can sign in at the link below (sign up as unpaid, payment will be taken at the gym):

Sign Up Here!

Ekaterina leaves us with this additional food for thought:

"Each day is a new chance to conquer yourself. To believe in a higher power than fate. And find your connection to that power is stronger than you thought. Thus each day is a chance to change your life. To manipulate the obstacles you face and reach a new place of peace. Each day we trace ourselves unto higher ground. Each day is parkour."