Spring Schedule!

The class schedules have now been updated for the spring season! There are now more class options than before with a few scheduled on the weekdays. The Open Gym sessions have been moved up to an earlier time in the afternoon/evenings on the weekends, and we've added an Open Gym on Wednesday nights as well.

With the new schedule comes some new policies:

  • You can sign up for a class up until 5 hours before the time it is scheduled to start. If there are no students signed up for a class by this time, the class will not meet that day. If for some reason you cannot sign up through the website, please send an email to contact(at)parkourways.com to let us know you'd like to reserve a spot and which class you'd like to sign up for.
  • Open Gym sessions will be canceled if no participants have shown up after one hour from the time the session was scheduled to begin. If you are running late for an Open Gym session, please call ahead to ask if the session is still running!
We hope to see you all at the gym! Follow this link to sign up and view more info: http://www.ParkourWays.com/classes