NEW Youth Classes!

I'm proud to announce that we will now be offering regularly scheduled youth classes inline with our other classes over the weekends! Spread the word! Tell your friends, your family, your parents, even tell your teachers!

Parkour is a wonderful thing for kids to get into and can help them build and develop so many great things. Parkour Ways provides kids with the opportunity to learn this discipline in a safe environment, with knowledgeable and friendly instructors.

The benefits of parkour are virtually endless: strength, power, endurance, mobility, flexibility, balance, stability, agility, coordination, touch, creativity, confidence, inner peace, discipline, durability, respect… the list goes on! Parkour can help us fight obesity in our country in a fun and natural way. It gets us outside and moving – exactly what our bodies were built for! The physical benefits are quite obvious, but there are many benefits that one does not immediately think about when they see or hear about parkour, too. As practitioners, getting in touch with our environment changes the way we look at the architecture of our surroundings. We build a higher respect for all environments, especially the properties on/in which we train. Parkour builds a great sense of touch – concrete, rocks, gravel, metals, dirt, grass – we train on every kind of surface imaginable and this creates a higher sense of tactile sensitivity.

There is a phrase that floats around through the founders and many parkour communities: “Be strong to be useful.” In parkour, we can condition and prepare our bodies (and minds) for everyday situations. It’s not just physical obstacles in our environments that we learn to conquer – we take that confidence and adapt it to life’s many mental obstacles. Through our training, we find that we can train ourselves to get through and accomplish anything. The discipline, respect and focus gained will transfer to all walks of life, including school work and classrooms. It can keep kids out of gangs, away from drug use, and keep them active and fit. Parkour is also useful in emergency situations where there is a need to escape or to reach persons in need that, without parkour training, might otherwise be unreachable.

If you have any questions about the classes, please contact us via email contact(at)