Help An Indiana Traceur Make A Difference!

A local traceur from Northwest Indiana has set out on a mission to Help Make A Difference. Joseph Genova of Dyer, Indiana will be traveling to La Labor for a week of work assisting those in need:

"On May 3, 2012 I will be waking up at 1:00am to catch a 4:00am flight departing from O'Hare International airport only to land in Guatemala City 7 short hours later. Once I arrive, I will be on a bus heading to the impoverished village of La Labor, which will then begin my first of seven days of mission work involving: helping rebuild churches, painting houses, fixing fences, constructing areas, helping children, and doing overall good for the community. For the past 10 years a small group of 6-9 people, including students and faculty of Calumet College of St. Josephs (CCSJ), have been traveling down there each year (personally funded) in order to help out a village in desperate need of assistance. I am a sophomore at CCSJ, and I am proud to say that this will be my first year going, and I am more than excited to be able to lend a hand. Unfortunately, being a full time student doesn't allow for a steady income, and paying for such a trip at my own expense has so far exceeded the amount of $1,200 dollars leaving little to no room for anything in my budget. The aim of my writing is to simply ask for a small donation (Anything you can give will be helpful) to help buy extra supplies for the schools/children. All proceeds will be used to buy crayons, pencils, coloring books, soccer balls, and anything else that may be needed to help improve the lives of these kids. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! As said before, All of the money donated will be put towards a good cause so why not donate?? And if money is an issue, and you have some new or slightly used supplies then I will be more than happy to take those as well!

Thank you,


You can find an event for his mission on Facebook by clicking here.

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