Health Park Petition Update

Have you signed the petition? Make sure you add a comment, too! The comments are even more important than the signatures as they show the passion you have for this proposal. They can be as long as you want - the longer and more passionate, the better! Tell stories about how your life has been affected by your discipline/sport/fitness program (whether that's Parkour, yoga, CrossFit, running, meditation, or anything else!). Explain how and why you think this Health Park could help others experience positive changes in their lives!

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Health Park Petition

Remember that cool Parkour Park project we'd been working on and supporting? The committee has made a petition for the Health Park @ Grant Park, and we need as many signatures as we can get! Please sign and share, even if you're not in Chicago! The project had lost a lot of momentum last year because of complaints to the park district and the city, saying the project was not a good idea because of the type of people it would attract... we, of course, wholeheartedly disagree. This is our way to combat all the negative speak coming from those people and to show the park district and the city that this is something VERY positive for everyone in, around, or visiting Chicago.

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Quick Parkour Park Update


Hello all! As some of you know, the Parkour Park was taken down in July because of Lollapalooza. Since then, there have been some complications we are trying to work out with the Chicago Park District and other organizations.

We have gotten to a point now where we are just waiting on some insurance updates to be made so that we can get the certificates to the right people.

We're hoping that the park will be back up and open to the public some time this week. Keep an eye out for that email or watch our Facebook page for more updates! Thank you for your patience everyone!

Kurt Gowan
Founder - Parkour Ways / Art du Déplacement Chicago