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Group Classes

Group classes are where most of our students start. You can expect to get a good workout and learn new ways to train, move, play, and think meanwhile building confidence, resilience, control over your fear, and a whole slew of other benefits. If you're new to this, no worries! Just make sure you sign up for a Discovery level class - those are our classes for beginners and all levels are welcome. For kids younger than 11, there are Family Classes and Kids Classes - all of which are considered beginner level classes. Here's how you'll join classes:

  1. Create an account here.
  2. Find classes on the schedule.
  3. View our map to see where the locations are. Don't see one near you? Reach out to us in an email!
  4. See our pricing options. Note: currently, your first class is FREE (just choose that pricing option at checkout).  If you're experiencing financial hardship, email us to inquire about your options.
  5. Book a class and we'll see you there!

There's a lot to learn! Each class is different to keep things fresh and keep you on your toes. If you're not sure where to start, feel free to ask us and we can help make recommendations or suggestions.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are great if the group class schedule doesn't work for you, if you prefer to have the training more focused on you, or if you're looking to setup a private group class/event. We can do private training for any size group, so it doesn't have to be limited to just you! This type of training will allow us to work with you to really hash out your goals and achieve them. You can set up you first appointment like this:

  • Create your account here.
  • View our map to see our locations if you're unfamiliar. We're open to other locations as well if we can make it work within our schedules. Additional fees for travel may apply.
  • Request and setup your lessons by contacting us.


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