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Practitioners of Art du Déplacement and Parkour use their bodies to interact with and traverse all types of environments. You will learn to overcome physical and mental obstacles, discover (or rediscover) natural human movements and strengthen and condition your body to meet the high demands of the discipline. You can expect a great workout for your body as well as training for your mind and spirit.

Our segment on NBC 1stLook:

We employ fun, creative movements and physical and mental challenges of all kinds. All students are expected to follow the instructions given and show respect to the instructor(s) and to their fellow students and practitioners.

You will get sweaty and dirty. Most (if not all) of our lessons will have you on the ground at some point or using equipment that is or has been outdoors.

Ages & Levels

People of any background or experience, size and age can begin training ADD and Parkour. Both disciplines are about developing yourself, there is no competition involved except with oneself. We employ safe progressions in our classes and encourage our students to work at their own level, at their own pace. Practitioners of ADD and Parkour should never push themselves to impress or show off to others; you have nothing to prove to us or to anyone else around you.

Age Groups

  • Kids (Ages 6-12)
       A great opportunity for your kids to get into this discipline safely with instructors who follow the core values of the founders! It's not just about the movements. Kids of course naturally play and often have better movement than adults. We strive to teach kids about helping others and being strong mentally as well.
  • Teens (Ages 12-17)
       Teens are getting exposure to ADD and Parkour in all sorts of media lately and we give them somewhere to go to learn how to do it correctly!
  • Adults (Ages 17+, No Maximum Age!)
       We help adults to rediscover their love for fun, creative movement and get them into shape (or back into shape), all while having fun! It's not just fitness with the adults either - the core values and spirit of the discipline are instilled in each lesson.

Class Types

  • Discovery
       To get acquainted to our training methods, teaching style, and terminology. Beginners should start here, but these classes are great for all skill levels as well. DO NOT be afraid to come try it out!
  • Standard
       Our standard class is great for all skill levels, but may be a bit intense for beginners or those new to fitness.
  • Journey
       NEW! Journey classes start at one point and end at another, finding challenges along the way. Don't be late, or you may not find us! See the map for Journey classes here.
  • Night Mission
       NEW! Night Missions are more focused on conditioning exercises and challenging movement drills. See the Night Missions map here.
  • Art du Déplacement
       ADD is heavily focused on creativity and play as well as the strong spirit to "never give up", and finding and developing strength to help others... "we start together, we finish together!"

Rules & Policies

What to Wear

Most athletic shoes will work fine. Long pants are recommended.

NOTE: Check the weather and dress accordingly even if you are attending a gym class; even the indoor classes sometimes go outdoors. On rainy days, it may be a good idea to be prepared with a towel, just in case.


A waiver is required to be signed by any and all participants in ADD Chicago / Parkour Ways activities (a parent signature is required if the participant is under 18). Click here to get the waiver.

Sign In

You should sign in for any and all sessions, including special events. Sessions with no students signed up are subject to cancellation, possibly without any public notice. A minimum of 3 students is usually required for a class to run.