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Parkour Classes


We encourage self-improvement in many forms. We search for physical and mental limits and simultaneously learn, discover, and figure ways to overcome them with a fighting spirit. You will likely get sweaty and/or dirty in our classes. Anyone can begin training. Safety is top priority in our classes and we urge our students to make decisions for themselves while they train.
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See our map of locations here. Click below for schedules and links to other classes.
Kingsbury Street

At Goose Island CrossFit: 1750 N. Kingsbury St., Chicago
Actors Gymnasium (Evanston)

Classes here are run in sessions and have different pricing. Actors Gymnasium handles the registrations.

927 Noyes St., Evanston

Age Groups

Ask the instructor if you'd like to try an age group other than the one you fall into:

All Ages (Special Membership Options!)

Ages 6 - 10

Ages 10 - 17

Ages 16 and up


No tests, no belts or color rankings, no restrictions. You decide what level classes you want to attend and we'll do our best to push you.


(start here)

(when you're comfy)

(hold onto your pants...)

Special Classes


(all ages + special membership options)

(all women)
Night Mission

(late night training)
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