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Parkour Classes

We Start Together...

We finish together! Classes are where the fun is! Work together with other students to complete challenges and work on skills.
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Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Parkour takes you on a journey. Metaphorically, yes, but also literally!

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Where Do You Fit?

Ask the instructor if you'd like to try an age group other than the one you fall into:


All Ages, Family Level


Ages 6 - 10, Discovery Level

Ages 10 - 17, Discovery and Standard Levels

Ages 16 and up, Discovery, Standard, and Esprit Levels

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Follow Your Destiny

Here's how most can expect to progress through our classes:


New students will start in Discovery level to build a foundation.


After about 6-12 months, students may be ready for the Standard level. Your instructor(s) will make the suggestion when they think you're ready.


12 - 24 months into your training with us, you may be ready for this level. This level is invite only.

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