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Training in this discipline helps practitioners to build a strong mind with benefits like: confidence, resilience, self-discipline, self-reliance, focus, calm-mindedness, fear and risk management as well as creativity and problem solving. It also promotes values like humility, respect and compassion for others, positivity, community... and we cannot forget! Fun and play!

Physically, a practitioner can achieve many additional benefits in the form of improvements to: strength, power, agility, balance and stability, coordination and proprioception, flexibility and mobility, endurance, speed, reflexes, and overall health.

This is a discipline that encourages self-improvement in many, if not all, forms. We search for physical and mental limits and simultaneously learn, discover, and figure ways to overcome them.

You will likely get sweaty and/or dirty in our classes. Most (if not all) of our lessons will have you on the ground at some point or using equipment that is or has been outdoors.

People of any background or experience, size and age can begin training ADD and Parkour. The discipline is about developing yourself, there is no competition involved except with oneself. We employ safe progressions in our classes and encourage our students to work at their own level, at their own pace. Practitioners of ADD and Parkour should never push themselves to impress or show off to others; you have nothing to prove to us or to anyone else around you.

Ages & Levels

Age Groups

  • Kids (Ages 6-10)
  • Teens (Ages 10-15)
  • Adults (Ages 15+)

Class Types

  • Intro (FREE!)

        To get introduced to our discipline, the history, some basic training concepts and terminology.
  • Discovery

       Beginners should start here, but these classes are great for all skill levels.
  • Women's Class

       A class aimed to help show women that this is not just for men!
  • Standard

       Our standard class is great for students who have been practicing for a while, but may be a bit intense for beginners.

Get Started

1) Create An Account

Create an account in our MindBody system here.

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*Common mistakes:
    -Parents should create accounts for themselves and add children as family members.
    -Birth dates must be entered in order for the system to recognize ages and allow signing up.

2) Find A Class

Find a class location and time that works for you.

Locations Schedule

3) Sign Up

You can pay at the class with cash or ahead of time online through the MindBody system.

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    -Parents should click the button with the child's name on it to sign up the child for the class.

Rules & Policies

Sign-Up Deadline

The deadline to sign up for our classes is 24 hours.

Cancellation Policy

You must cancel at least 24 hours in advance for our classes.

What to Wear

Most athletic shoes will work fine. Long pants are recommended. Dress for outdoor weather, sometimes we take the indoor classes outdoors!

Get Started Pricing Schedule Ages & Levels Rules & Policies Locations